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“The arts give us insight into science and can help us connect to the human stories behind the science. “The compelling story of Dr. David Keeling and his work to track carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can help audiences appreciate how climate change gained traction in the scientific community .

Long Beach Telegram


'Dr. Keeling’s Curve' kicks off Caltech science theater festival


This all-too-real and often funny one-man bio-play makes global warming understandable, and reveals it to be anything but a myth.



Noted actor and activist Mike Farrell plays Dr. David Keeling, the scientist whose research on CO2 gave the world its first early warnings of global warming. In this highly acclaimed performance, Farrell brings to life the quirky and brilliant man who created the Keeling Curve, the iconic chart that illustrates the rise in atmospherice CO2 levels from 1958 to the present.

The story combines Keeling's personal journey with the insights of atmospheric scientists who, hundreds of years earlier, made discoveries that laid the foundations for Keeling's own extraordinary work. We meet Jean Joseph Baptiste Fourier whose obsession with heat led to an understanding of the greenhouse effect, and Svante Arrhenius who proved a link between global warming and CO2. The play paints very human portraits of these and other great scientists.


Dr. Keeling's Curve


Mike Farrell as  Dr. Charles David Keeling



George Shea Author

Kirsten Sanderson Director

Kirsten Sanderson Projection Design

Cameron  Zetty Scenic and Lighting Design

Warren Davis Sound Design

Zach Radoski
American Program Bureau

A live performance pf Dr' Keeling's Curve starring Mike Farrell may be booked by contacting:

Click Here to visit the Dr. Keeling's Curve website

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