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Terre Haute



A famous author comes face-to-face with America's most notorious terrorist. One has a story to write, the other has a story to tell. As the clock ticks on death row, a strange bond grows between the two men, Mike Farrell as the legendary scribe Gore Vidal, and Jim Parrack as the soon to be executed  domestic  terrorist Timothy McVeigh . Filled with clever sparring and raw emotion, the Blank Theatre presents a taut drama that touches on the definitions of freedom and the need for love.

The Blank Theatre Company


Mike Farrell as Gore Vidal

Jim Parrack as Timothy McVeigh



Blank Theatre  Producer

Edmund White Author

Kirsten Sanderson Director

Matt Turner Scenic Design

Cameron Zetty Lighting Design

Bethany Jane Bohatila, Costumes

Warren Davis Sound Design

 KIRSTEN SANDERSON AND HER CAST FIND AN ARRESTING INTIMACY in their rendering of White’s play. Jim Parrack's Harrison, tightly wound but utterly direct, makes a strong foil for Mike Farrell's oblique James

LA Times


A TRANSFORMATIONAL PERFORMANCE BY MIKE FARRELL….visual elements are outstanding; THE SET IS SOMETHING OUT OF EDWARD HOPPER. Even glass panes play a dual role: heightening the sexual excitement, and flashing chilling reflections of Farrell's inner despair.

Hollywood Reporter


Kirsten Sanderson and her sublime cast (Mike Farrell as the erudite visitor James and Jim Parrack as the cocksure inmate Harrison) deliver a convincing and compelling speculation on the fictional meeting of two strong-willed minds.

Backstage- Critics Pick

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