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THE PRODUCTION HAS A NIMBLE, ASSURED VIBE, due to crisp direction by Kirsten Sanderson and LaChiusa's quirky jazz infused score, which insistently measures the gap between the momentum of New York and Charlotte's ability to cope with it. 

LA Times


 ALICE RIPLEY’S PERFORMANCE RISES TO ARCHETYPAL HEIGHTS! UNDERKirsten Sanderson’s direction, she gets strong support from a versatile ensemble.



Directed with crisp comic acumen 

Curtain Up LA


and a briliant performance by Ripley. Not to be missed!RAZOR SHARP STAGING, 

City Beat LA

Little Fish

"I never really knew what I was like until I quit smoking, by which time there was hell to pay." So observes Charlotte, a young writer of short stories as she confronts her past, present and future in post 9/11 Manhattan. With the help of her well-intentioned friends, Marco and Kathy, Charlotte embarks on a modern-day odyssey as she desperately attempts to fill her nicotine-starved days with swimming at the Y and jogging, but to no avail. She's a stranger in her own body, and it's not a pretty thing. Once she begins clearing away the flotsam, Charlotte is able to be a better friend, a better writer and (yes, there is such a thing) a better New Yorker. As opposed to swimming against the tide, alone and without direction, Charlotte realizes that sometimes, like little fish, it's smarter and safer to swim with the school."


Alice Ripley as Charlotte

Greg Jbara as Mr. Bunder

Robert Torti as Robert

Dina Morashita as Kathy

Samantha Shelton as Cinder

German Santiago as  Jean Paul

Brooke Tansley as Anne Frank



Michael John LaChiusa, Book, Music, Lyrics

Kirsten Sanderson, Director

David O, Musical Director

Jane Lanier, Choreographer

Adam Rigg Scenic and Lighting design

Bethany Jane Bohatila, Costumes


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